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Σάββατο, 3 Οκτωβρίου 2015

Letter from World Pan-Macedonian Associations to Ban Ki Moon UN:FYROM Territorial Irredentism against Greece

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Nina Gatzoulis
Coordinator of the Committee
of World Pan-Macedonian Associations
Tel: 603-742-0466
The Secretary General of the United Nations,
Mr. Ban Ki Moon
United Nations 405 East 42nd Street,
New York N.Y. 10017

September 23, 2015

Subject: FYROM Territorial Irredentism against Greece

Mr. Secretary General,

    We feel compelled to send this letter to you in response to a recent speech delivered in Toronto on August 2nd 2015 which offended international treaties and United Nations requirements. Mr. Antonio Milososki the Vice President of the Parliament of the FYROM and Chairman of the Committee for Foreign Issues of FYROM, directed his speech under such a map of the FYROM that was provocatively expanding its borders to include mainly Greek territory as well as a small portions of land from Bulgaria and Albania as referred in Photos 1 and 2 (enclosed).

               1           2

    It is disturbing that the FYROM's Ambassador to Canada, and their Consul General in Toronto have repeatedly posed under similar maps. In addition, the Prime Minister of the FYROM Mr. Nikola Gruevski was photographed under a similar map on a monument during an official ceremony in his country a few years before as shown in enclosed Photo 4. Furthermore, the Ministry of Education of the FYROM has introduced these same maps in textbooks in their education system and in their classrooms as shown in Photo 5. This most certainly contributes in infusing the minds of students with irredentism.

3   4   5

    These actions reveal that by using the name Macedonia and Hellenic symbols in a historically inaccurate, and arbitrary manner, this state is deliberately attempting to appropriate the largest administrative region in Greece and part of the Hellenic cultural heritage.
    Along with this letter we are sending you the book “Macedonia-Evidence” ( shown in Photo 6, which contains a letter sent in 2009 to the President of the United States, Mr. Barack Obama that was co-signed by 371 classical historians, researchers and archaeologists from universities and academic institutions from around the world. The letter informed Mr. Obama that in antiquity the present area of Skopje was called Paeonia and was never inhabited by Macedonians, and that the borders of ancient Macedonia reached only a few kilometers into the southern parts of the modern countries of FYROM and Bulgaria as referred in our enclosed Photo 7.
    It should also be noted that the area of the FYROM before it was renamed "Macedonia" was called "Vardar Region" and belonged to the former Yugoslavia, as is shown on a 1939 stamp from Yugoslavia and shown in the enclosed photo 8.

 6         7            8

    The above actions offend anyone around the world who knows the recognized history of all Greeks and more the Macedonian Greeks. Thus, we wish to denounce all these provocative and potentially dangerous actions stemming from official circles of the FYROM, that can eventually threaten peace and stability in the southern Balkans.  
    It is inconceivable that the FYROM wishes to be integrated in international organizations and to continue to adopt and to actively promote as state policy the ideology of “Macedonian antiquization” all the while claiming Greek territories and culture. Neither the UN Charter nor a citizen of any state in the world would allow a state claiming lands of a neighboring state.
    All of the above show that this new state has a huge democratic deficit and adopts extreme nationalistic positions, which for centuries brought bloodshed to Europe, and that Skopje is completely unprepared to join the European Union and NATO.

Honorable Mr. Secretary General,
     In order to send a message from the United Nations, that nationalism and territorial claims have no place in modern societies, we request that UN efforts through your special mediator Mr. Matthew Nimetz  be intensified to help solve the Athens-Skopje impasse, by expressing that the final name of the FYROM not include the term “Macedonia or its derivatives. This will ultimately prevent territorial and cultural claims against Greece. The UN should remind all UN member states that this new state north of Greece, contains primarily Slavic and Albanian populations, has been accepted at the UN with the provisional name of the “FYROM” and that whoever simply calls it “Macedonia” encourages territorial and cultural claims against Greece.

Yours sincerely,

Nina Gatzoulis  Coordinator
Pan-Macedonian Association of New South Wells (Sydney, Australia)
Nick Fassoulas, President
Coordinator of the Pan-Macedonian Associations of Australia
Pan-Macedonian Association of Victoria (Melbourne, Australia)
Dimitris Minas, President
Pan-Macedonian Association of South Australia (Adelaide)
George Genimahaliotis, President
Pan-Macedonian Association of West Australia (Perth)
Paul Afkos, President
Pan-Macedonian Association of Canada
Demetris Yiantsoulis, President
Pan-Macedonian Association of Ontario (Canada)
James Karas, President
Pan-Macedonian Association of Europe
Archimandrite Panteleimon Tsorbatzoglou, President
Pan-Macedonian Association of Africa
Amyntas Papathanasiou, President

Nina Gatzoulis, Coordinator (Representing over 150 Macedonian Organizations)
Florina Chapter in Thessaloniki – Demitrios Gakis, President
Association of Pisoderites the World Over “Saint Trinity”- Michael Liakos, President
Thracian Hearth of Thessaloniki-Benjamin Karakostanoglou, Honorary President
Federation of Western Macedonian Associations of Thessaloniki-George Tzoulis, President
“Omada 21” (Team 21) Macedonia – Thrace – Antonios Daskopoulos, President

George Tatsios, President
Movement of Edessa Citizents “Ion Dragoumis”  
Sitaria Florina Cultural Chapter “New Horizons”
Educational and Cultural Chapter of Lefkadia Imathia “Saint Paraskevi”
Cultural Chapter of Polyplatanos Florina “Alexander the Great”
Pella Educational-Dancing Chapter “The Promahi”
Youth of Polyplatanos Imathia Cultural Chapter
Macedonians of Volos Chapter “Alexander the Great”
Chapter of Startsobites and Friends of New Petritsi “Saint Minas”
Bibliophiles of Edessa
Ammouthia Serres Progressive, Cultural and Educational Chapter
Kria Vrisi Local Cultural Chapter “The Macedonians”
Youth of Mesimeri Educational and Cultural Chapter “Aristotle”
Hagia Mavra Imathia Cultural Chapter
Educational and Cultural Chapter of Ida “Ion Dragoumis”
Loutraki Almomia Cultural Chapter “Pozar”
Cultural Chapter of Kampohori Imathia “Alexander the Great”
Cultural and Educational Chapter of Neohori, Alexandria Imathia
Cultural Chapter of Volaka Drama
Cultural Chapter of Kali Vrisi Drama
Cultural Group of Giannitsa “Pella”
Historic and Folklore Company of Giannitsa “Philippos”
Folklore Music and Dancing Chapter of Ierissos Chalkidiki “Kageleftos”
Women’s and Friends of Vamvakofito Serres Chapter “Saint George”
Platanos Imathia Cultural Chapter “Tsinaforo”
Goumenissa Kilkis Cultural Chapter “Peons”
Prosotsani Drama Music and Dance Chapter “Alexander the Great”
Cultural Group of Dimitrits Serres
Educational and Cultural Chapter of Skydra Pella “Saint John the Forerunner”
Educational and Cultural Chapter of Mavrovounio Pella, “Elpida”
Eleftheroupoli Kavala Music and Dance Chapter “Pravi”
Education and Cultural Chapter of Trilofo Imathia “Aristotle”
Education and Cultural Chapter of Nikisiani Kavala “Arapis”
Cultural Chapter of Paleohori Kavala
Cultural Chapter of Irakleia Serres “Macedonians”
Educational and Cultural Chapter of Pagoneri Drama
Cultural Chapter of Kato Kamila Serres
Women’s Chapter of Nigrita Serres “Gerakina”
Cultural Chapter of Asvestariotes Pella “Gonos Yiotas”
Cultural Chapter of Kolindros Pieria “Nikolaos Lousis”
Educational Chapter of Garefi Almopia “Kostas Garefis”
Educational and Cultural Chapter of Katerini “Tradition’s Nostalgics”  
Cultural Chapter of Haropos Serres “Saint George”
Women’s Chapter of Neo Souli Serres
Educational Chapter of Vrisakio Imathia “Resiniotes”
Cultural Association of Murtofyto Kavala “Symbolon”
Cultural Chapter of Women of Mavrohori     
Evelpis Chapter of Meleniko

Demetris Gioumatzidis, Coordianator
Pan-Hellenic Chapter of the Descendants of Macedonian Struggle Fighters “Pavlos Melas” Thessaloniki
The Descendants of Macedonian Struggle Fighters of Edessa-Almopia Chapter
The Descendants of Macedonian Struggle Fighters of Kastoria Chapter
The Descendants of Macedonian Struggle Fighters of Florina Chapter
The Descendants of Macedonian Struggle Fighters of Amynteo Chapter
Friends of the Macedonian Struggle Museum of Kastoria Chapter
Friends of the International Foundation of “Alexander the Great” Chapter
Educational Group of Florina “Aristotle
Cultural Chapter of Sitaria Florina
Carrier of History and Culture “Iera Drys” of Kella Florina
Link of Letters and Art of Kozani Prefecture
Cultural Chapter of Kozani “The Macedonians”
Friends of Antiquities of Edessa “The Timenides” Chapter
Chapter of Track Veteran Athletes of Prefecture of Pella
Cultural Chapter of Kato Grammatiko Edessa “Patriarch Hrysanthos”
Chapter of “Cloak of Macedonian Culture” of Aridaia
Chapter of “Friends of the Macedonian Cultural Tradition” of Almopia
Macedonian Dance and Cultural Chapter “Amyntas” of Kalivia
Educational Environmental Group of Pella “Ancient Pella”
Youth Chapter of Arnissa Edessa
Educational and Dance Chapter of Hariessa Naousa “Saint Dimitrios”
Macedonian Art Company of Kilkis “Tehni”
Cultural Chapter of Griva Kilkis
Cultural Pan-Hellenic Company of Thessaloniki “Makednos”
Chapter of Kozanites in Thessaloniki “Saint Nikolaos”
Center of Cultural Growth of Eastern Macedonia
Federation of Cultural Chapters of Serres Prefecture in Thessaloniki
Serres Chapter in Thessaloniki
Cultural and Educational Company of Arnaia Chalkidiki
Vavdinon Union of Thessaloniki
History Study and Search Company of Serres
Cultural Chapter of Pentapolis Serres
Sidirokastro and Suburbs Chapter “Roupel”
Folklore and Cultural Chapter of Hrysohorafa Serres
Skoutousaion Serres Cultural Chapter
Monastiriotes of Thessaloniki Association “Karteria”
Stromnitsioton Chapter of Greece “Tiverioupolis”
Historic and Folklore Company of Serres-Meliniko
Sisterhood of Ladies and Young Ladies of Meleniko “Armonia”
Pan-Macedonian Federation of Athens
Federation of West Macedonian Chapters in Athens
Macedonian Federation of the Attica Basin
Alexander of Philip Hellene Macedonian” Association
Women of Thessaloniki in Athens Association
Papagou-Holargou Association of Macedonians and Thracians
Rigas Association of Citizens
Macedonians of Kerkira Union
Macedonian Chapters of New Irakleion Attica “Alexander the Great”

Cc: Member States of United Nations
     President of the Hellenic Republic Mr. Prokopis Pavlopoulos
     Prime Minister of the Hellenic Republic, Mr. Alexis Tsipras
     Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Nikolaos Kotzias
     Members of the Hellenic Parliament
     Members of the European Parliament

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